About us

About us

The Choir

We're a 3-part adult female voice choir (1st Sopranos; 2nd Sopranos and Altos). First formed in 1975, we've being going strong for nearly 50 years! We sing a range of popular music from the 20th Century and more recent songs. These are typically arranged into 2-part or 3-part harmonies, and we enjoy the benefits of having a live accompanist playing the piano for our rehearsals and concerts.

We're made up of ladies of all ages and from a range of backgrounds. We enjoy meeting up for rehearsals, and take part with pride. We work hard to learn new music, and improve our performance, but also have fun, and sometimes meet-ups outside of rehearsals to enjoy each others company socially. We're one big team, and recognise that everyone has a part to play (or sing), and know that our sound is best when we're all giving 100% to our performance. Obviously all of the ladies have a love of singing, but joining a group such as ours isn’t just about the music, it is also about the great friendships that have formed and been forged. There is a real community spirit amongst us, and we all really care about each other. 

Musical Director - Heather Uden

Heather Uden is a Hampshire based singing and piano teacher, performer, composer and musical director. She is trained in singing and piano tuition,  has a degree in music and education, and is a qualified teacher. Heather has more than 25 years of teaching experience, inspiring people of all ages.

From an early age, her life has revolved around music, and she has continued her own personal journey with music, singing and playing as a soloist, with groups and choirs, in operas, concerts, basically at any opportunity!

Heather leads our rehearsals, and gives us breathing and vocal exercises during our warm ups. Her passion shines in developing our repertoire and performance, and she strives to ensure every member of the choir is confident with the music. 

Accompanist - Nathan Waites

Nathan has been accompanying us for a number of years, and supports our rehearsals and performances. He has always had a love of music, singing in school choirs from an early age, and learning the piano since the age of about eight years old. 

He also steps in to plays the organ for a number of local churches, and has been known to jump between the piano and the organ when we have sung at weddings. 

Whilst music is not part of his day job, he has always had a love of music, and now works in the education sector which gives him a great fondness for seeing people enjoy their talents and develop their skills.