Frequently asked questions

Q:     Can I give the choir a try before I decide to join?

A:      Yes, you are welcome to join us for rehearsals and try for a few weeks at no cost.

Q:     Is there an audition?

A:      No, however we do sing in 3 parts, so you may be required to have a short vocal range test with our musical director to ensure you are singing the most suitable part for your voice.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Subs are £6 per week - this covers the cost of our music, hire of the venue, our Musical Director and Accompanist. If we do not rehearse you will not pay - however if you are unable to attend a rehearsal, subs would still be due.

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: We recommend you bring a bottle of water with you, and some members like to record parts of the rehearsal on their phone/recording device.

Q: Do I need to read music?

A: No, however the ability to read music is advantageous. When learning new music we go through each section at a time and record the parts to circulate on our Whatsapp group so members can practice at home.

Q: Will I perform in public?

A: We performs at a range of events and venues including our own concerts, and we do expect members to attend and sing in those performances. Although for some this might be daunting at first, this is an exciting and rewarding part of being in the choir, and we're all there one big team.

Q: Is there a uniform?

A: When we perform in public we usually wear black trousers / dresses with a coloured scarf according to the season. We also sometimes where polo shirts with the choir logo on which are provided at cost price to members. 

Q: Are you a Church choir?

A: No - we rehearse in a church as it is an appropriate space, but do not have any religious affiliation. We welcome anyone who can sing regardless of faith or religion, but we do perform some pieces with religious content such as Christmas carols.